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Conference Room


Conference Room

Podhalanin is a perfect place for organising events, such as intergration parties, conferences and other business events that require elegant setting. Our conference rooms are available to hold lectures, discussion panels or fairs which our customers will remember for a long time.

Banqueting menu, being individually chosen, always matches perfectly to the character of the special occasion. Tasteful tableware as well as the decoration of our conference rooms ephasise the importance of the event. Both conferences and their culinary setting will remain in our customers’ memory for a long time.
Our conference rooms are well-equipped to deal with multimedia materials, such as presentations or films. Well-fitted sound system makes that nobody misses out on the important information and a big screen allows people sitting at the back of the room to see the materials perfectly.
The price list is considered individually, depending on our customers’ needs.

Free Wi-Fi

Reception 24h

Satellite TV


Free parking

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