Bike tracks

Bike track

From Wadowice To Oświęcim

Bike track from Wadowice to Oświęcim leads through Tomice, Przybradz, Gierałtowice, Polana Wielka and Poręba Wielka. The track goes through yellow, blue, black and green track.

Bike track

From Wadowice To Andrychów

Bike track from Wadowice to Andrychów leads through Gorzeń Górny, Iłowiec, Łysa Góra, Bliźniak, Przełom Choczenki, Ostry Wierch, Wapienica and Pańska Góra.

Bike track

From Wadowice To Kęty

The track leads through Stawy Frydrychowickie, Frydrychowice, Wieprz, Nidek and Witkowice. The track is easy to cover and you don’t need special physical fitness to ride through it.

Bike track

Along Skawa River

Led from MKS Skawa Stadium (1 Błonie Street, Wadowice) in the direction to Jaroszowice (furniture shop „Czart” by DK 28) – initiative of community, coherent with a regional conception of bike tracks – Velo Skawa part.

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